Thailand 2009-10

These works are not direct depictions of a specific place; instead each work fuses several experiences and spaces together into one image. The paintings become constructed landscapes based on observation and memory that reference the feeling of intimacy and privacy that we often feel in the public space of nature. Much like a dream when time and place often weave in and out of focus, these paintings reflect my experiences as a foreigner living and teaching in Thailand.

The use of synthetic material is a commentary on man’s impulse to consume, contain & modify the natural landscape in order to accommodate our own needs and desires. Much like a pre-packaged item one would buy at the market, the paintings themselves are artificial landscapes that have been encased in plastic. They represent a shrink-wrapped rendition of nature, preserved for the viewer’s consumption.

Nam Bo Luang, acrylic & resin on canvas, 47" x 35" (sold)

Whispers in the Sky, acrylic & resin on canvas, 35" x 23" (sold)

Dress in Greenscape, acrylic & resin on canvas, 47"x 35” (sold)

Chorus of Trees, acrylic & resin on canvas, 33"x 40" (sold)

Roots of Inthanon, acrylic & resin on canvas, 47"x 35"

Dreamscape I, acrylic & resin on canvas, 33"x 40"

Dreamscape II, acrylic & resin on canvas, 36"x 29"

Mae Taeng Morning I, acrylic & resin on canvas, 14" x 14"

Mae Taeng Morning II, acrylic & resin on canvas, 14" x 14"

Mae Taeng Morning III, acrylic & resin on canvas, 14" x 14" (sold)

Pandora's Eden I, acrylic & resin on canvas, 30"x 36"

Pandora's Eden II, acrylic & resin on canvas, 21"x 21"

Requiem for the Common Minor, acrylic & resin on canvas, 33"x 40"

Summer Burning, acrylic & resin on canvas, 19"x 25” (sold)

East/Westwood, acrylic & resin on canvas, 50" x 40"

Chiang Dao I, acrylic & resin on canvas, 19"x 25"

Chiang Dao II, acrylic & resin on canvas, 21"x 21"

Leave the Light on, acrylic & resin on canvas, 21"x 21"
David Burke •
Oakland • California